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Saturday, September 23, 2017

The “Degenerate Art” exhibition!

PrintFools – off you go to witness the The “Degenerate Art” exhibition!

To “improve” national culture in Germany Hitler introduced a new cultural program at the 6th Nazi Party Congress, that rejected avant-garde art.

Hitler, Goebbels and Ziegler's denounced rejected avant-garde, modern art as "the monstrous offspring of insanity, impudence, ineptitude, and sheer degeneracy."

They authorized a commission to steal modern, degenerate or subversive art from museums and art collections throughout the Reich.

To mock the stolen art, some was exhibited in the “Degenerate Art” exhibition.

Adolf Hitler and Adolf Ziegler inspect the installation by Willrich and Hansen of the Degenerate Art Exhibition in Munich, 1937

The exhibition displayed 730 pictures, sculpture, graphic works and books by 112 German artists from 32 German museums. It opened in Munich on July 19, 1937, and lasted until November 30, after which it went on a two-year tour of eleven German and Austrian cities.

Works had been selected for display in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Deliberate distortion of nature (E.L. Kirchner, O. Dix, W. Morgner),
  2. Derision of religion (E. Nolde, P. Klee),
  3. Bolshevist and anarchist implications (G. Grosz),
  4. Political indoctrination, including propaganda of Marxism and anti-war sabotage (J. Heartfield, O. Dix),
  5. Moral depravity and interest in prostitution under the guise of social criticism (O. Dix, E.L. Kirchner),
  6. Loss of national (racial) consciousness and interest in the exotics of primitive peoples (Die Brücke artists),
  7. Idiots, morons and paralytics presented as the human ideal (O. Kokoschka, Die Brücke artists),
  8. The desire to depict only Jewish nature (L. Meidner, O. Freundlich),
  9. Absence of common sense due to sickly imagination (J. Molzahn, W. Baumeister, K. Schwitters).

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This week we meet that “deliberate distorter of nature”, Otto Dix:

Wounded soldier - Autumn 1916, Bapaume
Otto Dix
Der Krieg; #6

Night-time encounter with a madman
Otto Dix
Der Krieg; #22

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 And BabyPrintmakers - meet Jacques Callot:

Jacques Callot

French, 1592-1635
Judith with the Head of Holofernes, n.d. Drypoint

Jacques Callot
French, 1592-1635
The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, n.d.

Jacques Callot
(French, 1592-1635) The Resurrection of Lazarus, from The New Testament, 1635 Etching 

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