The epic tale of the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Printmaking Program. The Printmaking program is directed by Joel Elgin and features the odd collection of the many PrintFools who enroll, print and exist from semester to semester in the Shop of Tears.

Friday, December 09, 2016

End of the Semester - End of the World. Posada

It's the end of the world (semester) as we know it...

 We now enter the time of the bad monkeys

Posada, Jose Guadalupe (Aguascalientes, 1852 - Mexico City, 1913) 

Corrido: El Fin del Mundo (The End of the World) 'Plate One'

Corrido: El Fin del Mundo (The End of the World) 'Plate Two'

Calavera: Guerra Mundial (Skeleton: World War)


Monica Bergs said...

These prints very accurately portray how the inside of my head has been feeling lately. But the end is near and I think I will just about make it. I am very excited to see how everyone’s final project turned out on Monday and Wednesday! (and for all the food…)

Molly Lawler said...

I can't believe it's already the end of the semester!! It's almost time to stop printing and study for my lesser classes. Can't wait to see everyone's final projects and spend our last two days together talking about them and stuffing our faces!