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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Scary PrintFool Week

The week of FEAR has finally arrived and Print Babies have much to fear!

"... Given the superstitious belief that witches used babies in producing flying potions..."

Marcantonio and Agostino de Musi called Agostino Veneziano Raimondi, Lo Stregozzo [The Witches’ Procession], after Raphael or Giulio Romano, 1520s, engraving,

“Matthew Hopkins Witch Finder Generall”
1647 Woodcut

Frontispiece to a tract entitled "The Discovery of Witches" illustrating a passage on pp. 2-3; Matthew Hopkins stands in the middle of a room with two old women sitting either side of him and five animals identified as their familiars.

Witch shooting a man in the foot with an enchanted arrow made from a hazel wand

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Linda maestra! [Pretty Teacher!], plate 68 from Los Caprichos, 1797-1999, Etching, burnished aquatint and drypoint,

 Now go and read this to learn more about the why behind the creation of scary prints:

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Julia Mielke said...

Just because you haven't seen a ghost, vampire, werewolf, etc doesn't mean they're not all real... We should watch twilight while we work in class today. What I'm doing for my final series of prints is way scarier than any of those prints; keep that in mind when I'm talking about what my concept is later today in class

Molly Lawler said...

When I get asked if I believe in ghosts, I never know what to say. I will believe in one when I see one, but part of me never wants to be in a situation like that in the first place...odd. I also never knew the real history behind Halloween until now and I love "The Witches Procession". Just like it says in the reading; it's "visually arresting".

Monica Bergs said...

Molly has said EXACTLY what I think regarding ghosts. Not odd at all considering there is at least two of us, which is more than there was a moment ago, to our knowledge. The history behind Halloween is very interesting and those prints are astonishing with their amount of detail. I see prints like that (and even some in class) and I am just blown away with what can be done. I don't know how much I like these" scary prints" but knowing the stories behind them helps lift that uneasy feeling that I get. I'm a skittish person...

Britani Bahr said...

I never knew so much about Halloween until now, but I think it is a creepy holiday that we celebrate and I think the prints do it justice. I liked the "The Witches Procession", it definitely contained some bizzare creatures and I think the detail that was but in it is amazing. I'm sad Halloween is already over, and also sad we didn't hear any of the ghost of the print shop stories on Monday!

Gemma Zahradka said...

The scariest thing about witches is the centuries of persecution that minorities and women suffered for daring to deviate from perceived social norms. It's easier to label something as unnatural and malevolent that to try to understand it. That dude probably deserves to get shot in the foot with a hazel wand, I'd probably do the same thing.

Also, one of those familiars is named "Vinegar Tom." That is a great name.