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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Valentines week and so much more

The long awaited week of love looms:
Precious valentines will be presented, epic poems will be read, massive amounts of treats will be consumed, tears (of joy or pain?) will certainly flow and of course much more will be learned.

Venus Whipping Cupid with Roses, early 17th century
Giovanni Luigi Valesio (Italian, 1583?–1633)
7 15/16 x 5 1/4 in. (20.2 x 13.4 cm
Poor Venus's tries to discipline her bad baby Cupid, with no help from a satyr (the embodiment of lust). In Italian the inscription reads: love is not so easily chastised.

Psyche mit der Lampe, by Max Klinger
(click the post title for more by Max Klinger)
The love affair between Cupid and Psyche is one of the best known classical myths, recounted in the Latin novel The Golden Ass by Apuleius. Cupid, lover of the mortal Psyche, forbids her to cast eyes upon him and visits her only at night. Disobeying him, Psyche holds a light over his sleeping body, for which she is punished by Aphrodite.
Beware PrintFools, the week will demand the learning of new skills and some sort of balance of head and heart. Here is an early valentine for you all... a little video made by Thomas Edison, watch carefully, because you will all perform the dance...

And for this week:

A little history on Litho...
 The Father of all Litho Heads:
If you are a dedicated Litho Head you will read this:
If you arent you are an...
Paul Gavarni (1804-1866), Enfant Terrible, 1833. Lithograph.

An alumni Enfant Terrible?
Dance Monkey Dance!

KEEP READING -  to see your baby printmaking future!!


Time to travel PrintFools, time to celebrate Drypoints. The first leg of your journey takes you back in time to June of 1999, I realize most of you weren’t born yet but go anyway to learn about the:
Open War-Studio:
"Fourth Graphic Art Bienial, Dry Point, had to be delayed because of NATO aggression on Yugoslavia. In meanwhile, we decided to mark the day when this international manifestation was supposed to begin, we have opened Open War-Studio, and we called artists from Yugoslavia to join."

Click here for more:

GRAPHIC ART BIENIAL has great things to say about the humble dryoint:

“If a drawing is the first,real,sincere and essential artistic expression, the first record of idea or its complex and final definition, dry point is just that and all that. It is chivarly in graphic art,exact and real, it is strict ,not allowing hesitation, it is subtle and delicate, dreamy and airy. It can be used to tell various things, a tiny twinkling and a heavy chord... It is modest but so rich!”



SZUREK PIOTR, Poland,  "SELF PORTRAIT", 1998, 100x67cm

Now click down there to see more drypoints from Graphic Art Bienial,-  Under: “previous events” .


Emily Sander said...

I'm so excited for Valentines. May we never have to be whipped with a bouquet of roses!

good student said...

I enjoyed seeing what those brave people made while being bombed outside. It really shows dedication and grit to continue with your art under those circumstances.

Gemma Zahradka said...

The variation in style between different drypoints is amazing! Some are so detailed, and others are far more expressive. It seems like a very versatile medium.

Dy'lon said...

I really like the "WAUNDED RHINOCHEROS". It looks simple but also very complex. I agree with Gemma that some are very detailed while others are more simple and expressive.

Kyle Stokes said...

I think it's high time that rose whippings become part of Valentine's tradition. Maybe singles breaking up excessive PDA.

Laura Mead said...

so i clicked on the post title to learn more about max clinger and nothing happened. I HOPE HE'S NOT ON THE QUIZ.

Avery Dietzen said...

Really digging the drypoint self portraits

Andrea Anderson said...

There are so many strange holiday traditions. There's a lot of beating on this particular holiday of love (look up Lupercalia for further strangeness).

I have a big appreciation for anyone willing to drypoint copper. Those deep darks had to be pretty labor intensive; Szurek must have had claws for hands by the end of his life.

Mercedes Fowler said...

I love the soft edge vibe of the drypoint, gives it a certain character.

Becky Marks said...

I love the delicate shading in the works of Svonko Sostar and in Puzev San by Vladimir Sivcevic Voloda. It's a nice change from the crispness of woodcut

Nhouchee Yang said...

I love drypoint!!! I hope to someday master it :) -Determined-

Madline Thorn said...

Cupid is such a little rascal. I expect us all to dance every valentine's day for the rest of our lives.

Lauren Keesler said...

I love the expressive, dark lines Piotr Szureck has accomplished in his dry points! They are very relevant to the raw emotions the prints portray. also- great quote by GRAPHIC ART BIENIAL :)

Lauren Follansbee said...

The line thickness, value, and textures very a lot from dry point to dry point. Its inspiring to see all different styles and hopefully try some out in the future. I also think that its interesting to see a bit of expressionism in these dry points.

Allison Johnson said...

MOREH MORDECAI is brilliant. His prints motivate me to do some work that resemble his style. I am impressed. GO ART