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Friday, February 15, 2013

A week of Horst Janssen

Horst serves you up a Smörgåsbord
or as your Wisconsinny printbrother, Liars calls it -  a Buffet, 
of all the major print media on your island.


Drollerei Kaltnadel

Eva Maria Lupfert

Franka on her Deathbed
Etching and drypoint


Horst Janssen, "Erostod"
Radierung Nr. 7

Horst Janssen, "Spatzen des Hokusai"
Nr. 63

Horst Janssen
1929 Hamburg - 1995 Hamburg
Anna Poppe. 1966.

Horst Janssen
1929 Hamburg - 1995 Hamburg
Grüß dich, Lübecker. 1966.

Horst Janssen
1929 Hamburg - 1995 Hamburg
Woodcut in colors

So if that's not enough watch this video:

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The Ogre  


Sikorski said...

Horst Janssen, "Erostod" = awesome print. I love how bizarre the image is and when mixed with the line quality it turns out to be an epic ass print.

Rachel said...

Janssen does have quite the buffet of work! I really enjoy the line quality in his intaglios, but the images kinda creep me out. Interesting lithos too

Kelsey Walsh said...

I actually really enjoyed Horst Janssen's work. My favorite one was "Leibling" 1973 Etching. I like how his bodies are disfigured and there isn't much detail. The lines seem "free". I don't know. But his piece called Leibling really stood out to me for some reason.

Dewayne Wrencher said...

Horst Janssen,work looks like a contour illustrations. It seems very difficult to create this prints with Dry point. Impressive.

Ben said...

ahhhh so many prints to look at
Love the purely linear quality of some of Horst's prints. They seem so simple, but aesthetically they are pretty complex. This guy is a print-god. I think I like his self portraits the most.

ashley said...

The lines of Horst Janssen seem free and flowing, which really pull the body in interesting directions. I get a creepy feeling from them but that's part of why I can't stop looking at them. My favorite is the "Iris Spielchen", she seems so trapped. it's beautiful and haunting.

Chelsey Heintz said...

Love Horst Janssen's "Spatzen des Hokusai" Nr. 63. The line quality is amazing!

mandy said...

There was a crazy mixture of different styles in Janssen's work. I was shocked to see all of the detail he was able to produce with drypoint, that must have been very difficult. He's fantastic.

Clint Tudahl said...

I really like the figural quality of Janssen's work. I'm envious of the contour line quality of his work which adds a lot to his abstracted human forms.

andrew musil said...

That is a lot of works. i'm digging the grain pattern in the woodcut and the soft tones of that litho.

Rik Melk said...

intaglio is truly the king's ransom.

Kate Knower said...

I really like the use of space in his prints, and the quality of the figures. I enjoy the simplicity and even the strangeness of the subjects.

Laura Mead said...

a lot of this work is very unsettling or eerie feeling. i had to look at some of the pieces for a long time to figure out what was going on, and i still didn't understand some of them. i like his use of simple contours and the mangled forms he creates with them.

Kristine said...
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Kristine said...

I love the exaggerated/disfigured figures and the use of positive and negative space in these pieces. I think it's something that often gets underrated and forgotten. Overall her work is quite fascinating.

Old Greg said...

I love the depiction of the human form in all of these prints. I also as Ben said enjoy the linear qualities. as for the smorgasbord I'm not too fond of buffets.....I send to overeat and feel sick. We all know how we feel about sickness.

Emily Ordway said...

I really am interested in these prints because of the figure's distortedness. Sometimes I find it hard to stray from a representational figure, so it would be beneficial to try to use more line drawings or exaggerated features in my figures to get at different concepts. NEATO.

Dean Johnson said...

pretty cool but not my style

Taylor Schroeder said...

I really like the color blocking of katnadel. Hmmm.... we shall see but I want to experiment lots and lots. Sorry so many of these are so old I just haven't been a very good fool lately.

Dana Grant said...

I really like Horst Janssen's different uses of the figure.