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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Curlee Raven Holton


Ritual of Fecundity  Curlee Raven Holton    23 1/2 x 31 x 1/2

Curlee Raven Holton runs the Experimental Printmaking Institute

click the title post for even more.

New World Nubian   Curlee Raven Holton Mono/Woodcut 1997

EPI mixes the media Student Types...  a worthy ambition for all of you PrintFools. 

Friday Night Professional Practices exhibit opening...

... and if you are in Greece this weekend drop by here:


 Thanksgiving is coming - hang in there, 


Britt Vogt said...

Visual Manifesto Show Opening!


Vitamin Studio
Food and Beverages

*numerous prints to be seen!
**Come support your printfriends!

Dani W said...

Curlee Raven Holton has sure been seen in a lot of places. I cannot believe he has had 30 shows that were just his. His work is very unique and I hope to learn more about how he does his coloring for his woodcuts. It also looks like he is using a combination of photographic like images, but not sure. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It came so incredibly fast!

Jenna Phish said...

Curlee Raven Holton's prints are pretty sweet! I really like the New World Nubian one with his use of a variety of lines that really creates texture and the vibrant colors used! I can't wait to use color! And I also can't wait for Thanksgiving! Turkey and dumplings...yum :)

Hax said...

I excite for show.
I will show up fashionably early.

Sikorski said...

Curlee Raven Holton's prints are interesting to say the least. Im curious as to how the color was added to his woodblock prints.

Keriann said...

Holton's work is sooooo amazing. So are all of these upcoming events that are coming up! I hope to be able to make it to the opening to support my print brothers and sisters!

Christina said...

His prints are amazing! I really like the woodblock prints and use of photography. I really like that his work has a mixed media feel to it

Molly said...

I love the mixed media!

All of these blogs and learning new and exciting things in the shop makes me want to stay in the print shop longer! Damn the real world!

LiARS said...

i cant help feeling like that first image and the post in general is directed at me. like, for real. creepy. it gives me ideas though.


I will come to the opening after work, around 7. i hope everyone doesn't leave before i get there. i'll bring the crepes.





Concordia Ballroom
Noise and Beer

*numerous bands to be heard!
**Come support your liars and no mas!

Sweet Marissa said...

I’m really interested in his subject matter. Some of his work is about what would usually be considered “women’s issues”; I’m impressed and curious about how he became interested in these topics (ex. “Mulatto Girl in Japan”, “Bred for Pleasure”). I find it inspiring that he often combines multiple types of printmaking to complete his work; I’d like to try to combine woodcuts with monoprinting and intaglio too.
I will most definitely be in Greece for the weekend.

Jules said...

The colors are fascinating. I just want to keep learning, and then mastering all of these great techniques. I don't want to leave the print shop. For that matter; I don't want to graduate! I'm excited to try silk screen. I have yet to work with color. exciting things are on the road the print shop of wonders...the path few take...(only the really cool kids). P.S.- I was so excited to come to the show tonight. However, I injured my back (not sure how). I was at the gallery in spirit. :)

Katie said...

The Visual Manifesto opening was a lot of fun and there was a really good turn out. Thanksgiving feast day tomorrow is going to be delicious!

As for Holton, the combining of different techniques and types of printing such as woodcut and what looks like colors from monoprinting is interesting. I have not tried monoprint yet or experimented much other than with multiplate.

Kinden said...

Curlee Raven Holton's New World Nubian is super interesting...I forgot that you could used colored ink on a woodcut. Makes me think of a bunch of possibilities for future woodcuts! I wonder if he painted on each ink color with brushes or if he used a rollar like we have in the shop.

Sassalyn said...

Wow what amazing work. theres something very rustic about what he does. It has so much energy. I love how he mixes media. I don't know if I've seen it happen this successfully and uniquely before.

Joanne said...

Holton's prints are wild! i love that he manipulates different mediums and uses them in conjunction with his prints. I think his style of work would be great to try out with some of my new ideas that have been brewing in my mind. It allows you to add so many different layers that aren't just possible with printmaking itself.

megan said...

Holton's prints are pretty wicked. Can definitely feel the experimental vibe. Very cool.
And congrats to everyone in the show! You too Joel!

Rachel Albrecht said...

Holton's prints are neat! Really like the woodcut!
The Visual Manifesto Show was great! Congratulations to all of the artists.