The epic tale of the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Printmaking Program. The Printmaking program is directed by Joel Elgin and features the odd collection of the many PrintFools who enroll, print and exist from semester to semester in the Shop of Tears.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Begin with a journey

Your semester will begin
Monday and Tuesday with a journey...

South Sea Islanderers Launching Their Boats

lithograph, c. 1913-14.

Seated South Sea Islander .

lithograph, c. 1913-14.

Prints from Max Pechstein's travel suite to Italy and the South Sea Islands click the post title for more...

Your New Revised Revised Revised Revised Green Course Syllabus

Course Name...Printmaking ART 218 318, 413, 419, 425: 001, 002
Time... 8:50 - 11:20/M&W/(sec 1)/ 9:25 - 11:55 /T&H/(sec 2)
Location... Print Shop
Instructor: Joel Elgin Office X 8839 elgin.joel

The Student Will Be Introduced To Intaglio, In Section 218 and Litho in 318. In 418, 419,425 The Student Will Continue Her/His Creative Research By Addressing Technical And Aesthetic Issues In The Discipline. All Sections Will Consist Of Historical/Studio Exploration; Concurrently Students Will Apply The Technical, Theoretical Knowledge Gained To His/Her Own Content.
Intensive Studio Exploration, Demonstration, Gallery Museum Field Trips, Lecture, Video, Group, In Progress And Individual Critiques. Coffee, Snack Time and Numerous Theme Days
The Final Grade Will Be Determined By Applying The Following Criteria:
(Note: Intaglio/Litho Assessment Sheet)
1. Subjective
-The Content Of The Work Produced
2. Technical Application
-The Application Of The Technical Material Learned In Class
3. Attendance:
Two Tardies = One Absence (attendance is taken each day)
Two Absences = Grade Lowers One Level
Three Absences = Grade Lowers One More Level
Four Absences _ You Flunk (this is very serious – if you cant accept this policy please withdraw from the course. You will be expected to remain in the shop during class and to participate in all shop experiences.
4. Shop experiences:
Critiques, classroom discussions, participation are vital to an active atelier. Your energy/input is essential and required. You will receive a separate grade for Shop experiences.
5. Out Of Class Work:
It Is Required That You Arrange At least Six Out Of Class Studio Hours A Week. This Time Will Be Spent (And Logged In) In The Print Shop. Your grade will be lowered if you do not meet this requirement. Sorry, but this semester you will not be allowed to work during class that you are not enrolled in. (Meaning M/W types cant work during T/TH class and vise versa.)You will receive a separate grade for Outside of Class Shop Time.

Blog Work: You must read/post comments on the blog each week before the M or T class. Your grade will be lowered one mark for every two misses. Pop blog quizzes might occur throughout the semester. You will receive a grade for Blog work.

Shop/Labor Work: YOUR shop has been called the “cleanest” printshop by nearly every academic reviewer, visiting artist that has visited. You will be awe struck by the new level of cleanliness and organization that greets you this Spring (Thanks to Sass, the WorkStudyTreasure). You will be assigned your very own labor for the semester and you WILL each day complete your labor each class day. As Shop Maintenance is a part of the function of the Atelier you will receive a grade for Shop/Labor Work work.

You Have Paid A Shop Fee That Covers Most Materials. Additional will be explained

Any student with a documented disability (e.g., physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, or hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the instructor and the Disability Resource Services office (165 Murphy Library) at the beginning of the semester.


Kirky B said...

Im soooooo ready!

Joanne said...

yay! i'm definitely excited to get back into the shop. M/W and T/TH here i come! haha

the Sheriff said...

you have no idea how long of a break it's been... I am extremely excited to be back in the shop o love and to see all of my amazing print brothers and sisters.

There is so much work that has to be done. I am well rested and ready to begin again!

Jaime said...

I am ready to create and learn. I really like how Pechstein was very impatient and tried new things for the fact that they would take less time. I find myself to be very impatient as well so might have to try some new techniques as well. Can't wait to see everyone!

Zach Morin said...

Not only am I amped as shit to learn litho, I am going to continue my journey in intaglio independantly with a much more clear and concise theme that I started at the end of last semester...

Meagan said...

Have a great semester print fools! Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am back for one last semester, time to kick it in gear, and live in the moment.

Shawn said...

monday thru thursday print! :]

Kirky B said...

f you shawn!

Keriann said...

I'm happy to be back in the shop. There are so many things rumbling through my head I can't wait to get my copper and start working! Pechstein was a great artist to start with I love working with line, and his images motivate me to get working!

Allison Bauer said...

Agreeing with those above, I am very excited to be back in the shop. It's one of those things that I cannot imagine having a semester without. I feel grounded there. Is that cheesy? well either way I am looking forward to our work and to see what everyone comes up with. Woo!

Cappuccino said...

Bring on the Love, Printshop! I've been keeping my eye on this page for a month now, checking almost everyday for no particular reason.

Can't wait to be back and see everyone~

Liv Radke said...

I cannot wait to see everyone! It's like a family reunion, except you like all of your family!

So Pechstein's prints reminded me of how simple and elegant lines can be. I know I get caught up in adding shading and so much detail, but his litho prints have depth and shape and are so simply drawn, I love it!
I am nervous to be a litho baby, hopefully the lithofools will be willing to help me out! See you soon!

Mingo said...

Litho is going to be very exciting!

The litho color prints he has have a very unique line quality. Sometimes they look like a marker and other times like a crayon. IT is interesting to see different ways lines can be altered.

Maddy Grimmer said...

Yay for my very own mario cart!

Litho should be something totally different from what i've done and probably from what i'm expecting. I hope i can get the hang of it and the whole idea of our own journey should really allow me to do what's been on my mind a lot lately. Very awesome.

It's amazing how many pieces of work he actually created, and such a variety of works! I really like the color lithos and thought his use of line was executed brilliantly.

Josie Ableman said...

I think maybe we should go on an actual journy as inspiration for our prints...

ellen said...

a great start to the litho semester!!! it's great to be back, and i can't wait to make some prints! :)

Mallory_Heesch said...

The heart-warming speech about following our hearts has me excited to see what amazing things I'll be creating in the shop o love this semester. Cant wait to get my hands dirty again!

Mark K said...

Pumped to start another semester of print. Gonna be rad.

Jessalyn said...

Great first days of class..the excitment is building!

Nate S said...

super pumped for litho! I like the use of unrealistic emotive lines like in "fabrik" wicked sick.

Nate S said...

super pumped for litho! I like the use of unrealistic emotive lines like in "fabrik" wicked sick.

Nate S said...

...stupid computer

Allison Bauer said...

I'm with Josie! We need to go on a real journey! Barga?

AnnCreates87 said...

Well so far Litho has not been exactly what I expected, but I think that's a good way to start my journy. My stone and I are ready to go.

Sarahhigley said...

I know this post is coming late, but it's cause I've been busy in the shop of love for hours already! So good to be back!

Bethany said...

I guess I suck at this whole blog stuff. Whatevs. Good to be back. I missed my stone, my copper and the shop we share.

TonY Vang said...

looking forward to this sememster :D with you litho fools.