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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Goya - Litho - SGC Conference and more....

Goya y Lucientes, Francisco (1746-1828)
Etching, Aquatint and Drypoint
They Have Flown
Caprichos, no 1
9" x 11"

Goya - Litho - SGC Conference and more....

In answer to your bitching..... a big post, filled with life changing information.
We looked at Goya's Disasters of War. So, what series is this print from?

Read the linked article about Goya on World Printmakers ( try this for fun: type in the name of your beloved prof type in the World Printmaker site search)

Follow this link to know more about the Huge Printmaking Conference taking place in Madison: Southern Graphics Council

Follow this link to go to UW's Tandem Press - this is where Daid Lynch goes to make prints.

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Bec★ said...

click them and i can make it happen! i activated the links! :)

Bec★ said...

and btw:
Goya y Lucientes, They Have Flown is from the series "Los Caprichos" (spanish for "the whims")
used: etching, aquatint and drypoint

Lisa said...

Goya's series "Los Caprichos" includes eighty etchings which reveal social corruption and the human struggle. They are amazing prints.

Heather Lynn said...

I think I did this right?