The epic tale of the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Printmaking Program. The Printmaking program is directed by Joel Elgin and features the odd collection of the many PrintFools who enroll, print and exist from semester to semester in the Shop of Tears.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Ben Shahn

“The artist must operate on the assumption that the public consists in the highest order of individual—that he is civilized, cultured, and highly sensitive both to emotional and intellectual contexts, and while the whole public most certainly does not consist in that sort of individual, still the tendency of art is to create such a public—to lift the level of perceptivity, to increase and enrich the average individual's store of values.” 

Ben Shahn (American, 1898-1969), Stefan Martin, engraver (American, b. 1936)
Martin Luther King, 1966,  Wood engraving on Japan paper

    You Have Not Converted a Man Because You Have Silenced Him
    Ben Shahn
    1968 offset lithograph on paper 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thanksgiving Week - political timeout. Rolf Nesch

Because its Thanksgiving Week, I'm giving you a political timeout. 
So eat your turducken and watch Rolf...

Self-Portrait with tophat
250x175 mm
Photo: Jacques Lathion, Nasjonalgalleriet Oslo

Photo: Jacques Lathion, Nasjonalgalleriet, Oslo

More Rolf ....

Find some inspiration in Rolf, but don't be trying any of this metal madness in the shop or you are dead meant just like your tuduckens or your tofuckduckens



Saturday, November 03, 2018

Art Is... The Permanent Revolution

Art Is... The Permanent Revolution

A short trailer for you this week PrintFools. I want you to have plenty of time to go and vote!

Plate III: The Polling, February 1758. Third state.
Here is a polling booth on election day. All classes of men are being led up to cast a vote, described as an imbecile, a prisoner, and so on. Britannia is seen in her coach on the right, about to turn over because her coachmen are playing cards. All the nation’s efforts are directed to bribery and gambling, rather than for the good of the people.

Now on to the trailer...

“The anger and outrage captured by graphic artists have defined revolutions through the centuries. Printmakers have depicted the human condition in all its glories and struggle so powerfully that perceptions, attitudes and politics have been dramatically influenced. And the value and impact of this art is even more important today. In the new documentary, ART IS... THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION, three contemporary American artists and a master printer help explain the dynamic sequences of social reality and protest. Among the wide range of 60 artists on display are Rembrandt, Goya, Daumier, Kollwitz, Dix, Masereel, Grosz, Gropper, and Picasso. While their stirring graphics sweep by, the making of an etching, a woodcut and a lithograph unfolds before our eyes, as the contemporary artists join their illustrious predecessors in creating art of social engagement.”

Sunday, October 28, 2018



Your favorite week arrives PrintFools, the week of FEAR. Heads up Print Babies!

Start with a moral tale to persuade you to… 

Avoid Toad Licking this Halloween Weekend!

Witches kept toads as "familiars" or "animal guides" and of course to lick for mind altering experiences, As you know, even today the fad of toad-licking continues to rage in our culture:

If you watch Family Guy you might have caught the episode devoted to the dangers of “doing toad,”

There is a psychoactive compound in their skin but not Wisconsin toads, so raise your right hands in the air and swear to lick no toads this Halloween week!

"... Given the superstitious belief that witches used babies in producing flying potions...  (Look closely and you will see) The witch holds a cauldron and grasps at a baby. Common belief held that witches murdered infants for making certain potions. Such superstitions were widespread among the public..."

Marcantonio and Agostino de Musi called Agostino Veneziano Raimondi, Lo Stregozzo [The Witches’ Procession], after Raphael or Giulio Romano, 1520s, engraving,

See you this week in Costume, bearing treats of course.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Epic Field Trip ...Raymond Louis Gloeckler

We searched for, found (and lost Kady and aNDREA) and learned many things on the epic field trip.

We found the chicken dinner of the exhibitions,"Prints in Protest"at the Chazen.

Remember this one?

Raymond Louis Gloeckler
(American, b. 1928)
Victory Dickie
22 x 11 1/4 in.

Raymond Louis Gloeckler
Born in Portage, Wisconsin, Raymond Gloeckler received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin. From 1961 to 1993, he was professor of art at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Raymond Louis Gloeckler
(American, b. 1928)
Politics on Parade (II)
Wood engraving
16 1/16 x 10 9/16 in.

Raymond Louis Gloeckler
(American, b. 1928)
Politics on Parade (I)
Wood engraving
16 1/16 x 10 9/16 in.

So what's the difference between wood engravings and woodcuts?
Any Fool want to do an engraving? I have the tools...



Friday, September 28, 2018

Projectile Vomit Week

OktoberVomitFest Week - 
time for some social Moral Tales

William Hogarth. Gin Lane

Copy and paste the link below to go to this site:

Are you Tom or Moll?

Copy and paste the link below to go to this site:

click down there:

William Hogarth reveals the effects of society and effects of the sloven self with a satirical social eye. Look through both series and you wont have to actually attend the Octoberfest “trainwreck” to experience innocence corrupted, jail, syphilis or the madhouse. 
I originally typed WHITEHOUSE instead of madhouse....

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Art Hazelwood

Week 3 brings us Art Hazelwood:

Three Graces of Capitalism, TINA, Miss Giving and Naked Greed, edition of 10, 2014, woodcut, 60 x 36"

Go here for cool details about this print:

Trump-Tantrum, edition of 19, 2016, screenprint, 16 x 12”,

Art Hazelwood’s website:

  for the babies...
REMBRANDT Harmensz van Ryn, fec. (1606-1669), artist

Christ with the Sick around Him, Receiving Little Children (known as The Hundred Gilder Print ).
Etching, drypoint, and burin/
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669., Dutch.
Title     Study from the Nude 1646.
etching on paper
9.84 x 16.83 cm
Callot, Jacques, French
The Gallows Tree; plate from the "Miseries of War" series1621

Friday, September 07, 2018


printfools meet Warrington Colescott....
Underneath the Oval Office - 2004
Color Etching ed. 21/30
Dimensions: 30 1/2" x 23"

"My prints and paintings are narratives, both direct and metaphorical. The intent is moral, if your morality is in my ballpark. The method is satire; comedy is OK, but pretty much anything goes if it fits my drawing concept on paper or copper plate."
Warrington Colescott

The Medicare Monologues - 2004
Color Etching ed. 18/20
Dimensions: 14 1/2" x 24 1/4"

Political Art can be a social statement, a satirical image, or a more direct political expression, or as in often the case with Warrington - a blend of the three.
 Warrington Colescott’s “The Hunt: First Dawn Stake Out,“ 1981.
Read this...
Go and look at more...


Sunday, September 02, 2018

Welcome Back to The Shop Fall 2018

Welcome back PrintFools.

While you all lounged the summer away in your “up North” family cabins the world continued to go to hell. Missed it all didn’t you, while you were busy on your water skis, drinking your brandy old fashioneds.

But Fools, printmakers can’t miss anything. Since the invention of the Jikji or the Gutenberg press (which came first?) Printmakers have been visual sentinels.

So we will continue to celebrate the historical tradition of the sentinel printmaker, the loud mouth printmaker.

This is the semester of Politics/ Conflict.

The plan will be to take full advantage of the crazed motion of the world around us by synthesizing the issues of politics and conflict that either cloud or make our days bright.

If you are scared remember that as always you create your content in this shop, but you will have to make a print based on politics and conflict and as always you will be fed a semester of printmakers designed to influence the hell out of you.

Our first is Lisa Bulawsky.

The Dilemma Game #3, (Adolf Hitler)
etching and mixed media 12'' x 9'' 2003

Check out a public printmaking intervention project she has created and stay tuned to learn how you will most likely do something similar and most likely spend some time in jail…

Radiate/Cultivate is an ongoing public intervention project initiated by Lisa Bulawsky

  MORE Food For Babies!

The earliest European pictorial block prints were religious souvenirs known today as "helgen". Think about "helgen" for awhile and even more printmagic will be revealed.

Ok - look to the East and you will find:

Diamond Sutra. Cave 17, Dunhuang, ink on paper
British Library Or.8210/P.2 AD 868.

MORE food for BigKids!

Woodcutting printmaker Bridget Henry demonstrates:
The Reduction Woodcut:

Malaquias Montoya -
Mujer zapatista/Zapatista Woman
1998| Lithograph


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Half way through hell...

  “Only mystics, clowns and artists, in my experience, speak the truth...”
Malcolm Muggeridge,

Goya exposed Fools in society and lampooned them with no  mercy. He believed:" ... art should ultimately make a difference. He uses his position as illustrado to lampoon, satirize and pillory various institutions, practises and commonly held beliefs..."

 Since I am in a RAGE, I would react in a less civilized manner. I'd throw them from my restaurant!!!

(go here and read AND READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE  )


Might Not the Pupil Know More? (Caprichos, no. 37: Si sabrá mas el discipulo?),

There They Go Plucked. (Caprichos, no. 20: Ya van desplumados.),

 and here for more:

And its time to embrace Otto and  "artistic social responsibility".  Dix followed the example of Goya and made the world aware of the effects of decisions made by fools....

Night-time encounter with a madman [Nachtliche Begegnung mit einem Irrsinnigen]
“A man never knew what he'd encounter on night patrol. Here Dix finds a madman who roams the rubble. It's not clear to which army he's assigned. His uniform is shredded along with his mind. The man represents an indirect threat. In this state, he can't harm an experienced soldier but he can draw the attention of those who can...”

Unterstand [Dugout]
"Two exhausted soldiers soundly sleep. Another pair gamble money that has no value on the line. And a fifth man goes crazy as shells drop overhead ..."

Go here to see more
The Online Otto Dix Project

It's a huge last week, steam rolling and sweat and tears and probably some blood. Check your lives at the door and work your butts to the bone... time is slipping away...

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Anupam Sud

Week 1 ends but not before we celebrate our newest spiritual guide:
 Anupam Sud

"...The themes of manipulation, the relationship of power to predicament, of powerlessness and temptation, human fallibility and trappings, the masked existence of urban people, the inertia of government structures, are some of the recurrent themes that engage Anupam's thought process..." 

Read that article up there.
  Anupam Sud
The odd one (+ 3 others; 4 works)
1994 - colored etching

 Go here for more images:


Cupid Playing 4X6 Etching

Ceremony of Unmasking-3
Etching & Chin Cole, Triptych
35" x 26"

Watch this video!!!