The epic tale of the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Printmaking Program. The Printmaking program is directed by Joel Elgin and features the odd collection of the many PrintFools who enroll, print and exist from semester to semester in the Shop of Tears.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Really Good Baby Printmakers!

La Lecon de Dessin (The Drawing Lesson)
Lalauze, Adolphe (Rive-de-Gier, 1838 - Paris, 1906)
Date:   c. 1870 - 1875 (1880 Hamerton Edition)
Publisher:      Philip Gilbert Hamerton, London

Still Somewhat Good Adolescent Printmakers!

World History from Senefelder to the Present Day plate IX
Printers. Angels 1819
National Gallery of Australia
Prints--France--19th C. A.D

 And...Not so good Big printmakers!

Albert Besnard, Morphine Addicts,
1887, etching,
National Gallery of Art, Rosenwald Collection.

All need to know Jacques Callot

Be prepared little printmakers to follow this new guide. And prepared for new danger because while your sharp tools can cause damage and extreme shanking...

Jacques Callot
French, 1592-1635
Judith with the Head of Holofernes, n.d.

...and pain. 
Jacques Callot
French, 1592-1635
The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, n.d.

A new danger will change your lives and make your dreams come true. But don't over worry, as in all print processes, if you fall, you will rise.
Jacques Callot
(French, 1592-1635)
The Resurrection of Lazarus, from The New Testament, 1635

Everyone check these links out:

Some additional guidance: 

Adolphe Appian (1818-1898),
Une Mare (Environs de Rossillon), etching, 1867
9 1/4 x 6 5/8, the sheet 18 x 12 1/2 inches.
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Meet MAX

Sitting Man - litho

  Kestner-Mappe - litho

Big Kids!
 Grab your Morphine and watch the little video below...

Woodcutting printmaker Bridget Henry demonstrates:
The Reduction Woodcut:

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Drypointing Babies and Bad Monkey LithoHeads

Nathan Oliveira
Baboon 1994 

Susan Rothenberg
Monkey in a Tree
1984 Lithograph
Image: 44 x 34.6 cm (17 5/16 x 13 5/8 in.)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Pablo Picasso
lithograph (Woman, Clown and Monkey)

GRAPHIC ART BIENIAL has great things to say about the humble dryoint:
“If a drawing is the first,real,sincere and essential artistic expression, the first record of idea or its complex and final definition, dry point is just that and all that. It is chivarly in graphic art,exact and real, it is strict ,not allowing hesitation, it is subtle and delicate, dreamy and airy. It can be used to tell various things, a tiny twinkling and a heavy chord... It is modest but so rich!”
SZUREK PIOTR, Poland,  "SELF PORTRAIT", 1998, 100x67cm
Now click down there to see more drypoints from Graphic Art Bienial,-  Under: “previous events” .

And LithoHeads to keep you from dying of boredom as you learn to print your rocks, I am introducing you to a new spiritual guide who will take you away to beautiful, hot islands...

South Sea Islanderers Launching Their Boats
lithograph, c. 1913-14.
Seated South Sea Islander .
lithograph, c. 1913-14.

Prints from Max Pechstein's travel suite to Italy and the South Sea Islands click the link below for more:

Stay tuned for more but leave a stinking comment!

Friday, January 29, 2016

From the Printmaking Ashes...

Printfever rises!!

Fools, we begin a new semester with a giant crop of BABY printmakers and veteran Big Kid fools pledged to abandon reason and create monsters!

A little Printmakerly history:

Starting in the East.
Diamond Sutra. Cave 17, Dunhuang, ink on paper
British Library Or.8210/P.2 AD 868.

click down there:

The earliest western pictorial block prints were religious souvenirs known today as "helgen". Think about "helgen" for awhile and even more printmagic will be revealed.

St. Christopher, dated 1423
click down there:

 The earliest Printmaking Masters...

Master of the Playing Cards, 15th cent
King of the Wild Men
c.1440 engraving
5 1/4x3 1/2"
Cards:Playing--Germany--15th C. A.D
ARTstor Slide Gallery

E. S., Meister, 15th cent
Wild Woman and Unicorn (Queen of Beasts) from Small Set of Playing Cards
ca. 1450-67
99 x 68 mm
Illustrated Bartsch (37)
British Museum

MasterESVogel, 15th cent
c.1440 engraving
5 1/4x3 1/2"

Notice the MONSTERS!!

And more as we ooze over to the Litho Fools... 

Anonymous Swiss
Book 2, page 201; [a] tale from Pliny the Elder of a woman who gave birth to an elephant
folio cci illustration 1557
The Warburg Institute Library

Remember that name... Pliny the Elder.

A little history on Litho...
 The Father of all Litho Heads:
If you are a dedicated Litho Head you will read this:

If you arent you are an...

Paul Gavarni (1804-1866), Enfant Terrible, 1833. Lithograph.

An alumni Enfant Terrible? Dance Monkey Dance!

Better yet be:


World History from Senefelder to the Present Day plate IX
Printers. Angels 1819
National Gallery of Australia
Prints--France--19th C. A.D

Alberto Giacometti, European; Swiss, 1901 - 1966
Nude with Flowers
1960 Lithograph
37.9 x 27.8 cm (image); 60.1 x 50.5 cm (sheet)
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
San Francisco, California, USA

Now, leave a comment and stay tuned to learn why Alberto is the last image.


Friday, October 30, 2015

More Halloween - More Children-Eating Witches and Soothsayers...

De Lamiis and Phitonicis (On Children-Eating Witches and Soothsayers)

Ulrich Molitor
Witches Flying , in Von den Unholden oder Hexen (On Witches and Soothsayers)
Published by Johann Prüss, Strasbourg, 1493
Image: 4 3/4 x 3 inches
Sheet: 7 5/8 x 5 inches
Book: 7 11/16 x 5 1/2 inches
Cornell University Library, Rare and Manuscript Collections

Kurt Seligmann, American, born Switzerland, 1900–1962 collected books, manuscripts and prints in his Library of the Occult

His produced a variety of print series including , the Protubérances cardiaques:

Kurt Seligmann
American, born Switzerland, 1900–1962
La sorcière (The Witch), from the series Vagabondages héraldiques (Heraldic Vagrancies), 1936 Etching
Plate: 13 11/16 x 9 1/2 inches

Kurt Seligmann
American, born Switzerland, 1900–1962
Vampyre (Vampire), from the series Protubérances cardiaques (Cardiac Protuberances), 1933 Etching and aquatint
Plate: 10 3/4 x 8 1/2 inches

Friday, October 23, 2015

Toad Licking Halloween

Your favorite week arrives PrintFools:
learn from the following scary images... 

Start with a moral tale to persuade you to… 

Avoid Toad Licking this Halloween Weekend!

Witches kept toads as "familiars" or "animal guides" and of course to lick for mind altering experiences, As you know, even today the fad of toad-licking continues to rage in our culture:

If you watch Family Guy you might have caught the episode devoted to the dangers of “doing toad,”

There is a psychoactive compound in their skin but not Wisconsin toads, so raise your right hands in the air and swear to lick no toads this Halloween weekend!

 Jacques de Gheyn II

Jacques de Gheyn II

Jacques de Gheyn II

 Albrecht Durer 

See you this week in Costume, bearing treats of course.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Leonora Carrington

We can only hope to be as cool as  
                           Leonora Carrington?

Leonora Carrington working at USF Graphicstudio. 

Read below:

Leonora Carrington (British, 1917–2011)
Badger causes Table to Fly as Medium Goes into a Trance , ca. 1988
12 x 14.5 in. (30.5 x 36.8 cm.)

Leonora Carrington (British, 1917–2011)
Crookery Hall , 1987
color lithograph
43 x 76.2 cm. (16.9 x 30 in.)

Leonora Carrington (British, 1917–2011)
Sesión espiritista , 1979
53 x 69 cm. (20.9 x 27.2 in.)

Speaking of COOL......
Marcia Thompson is coming Wed. Afternoon to do a demo:


And Friday we are going to her opening at the Pump House:

Your words should appear:

Friday, September 25, 2015

More Bad Monkeyes and Federico Castellón and some movie news...

Thanks to A.A and MadDog for putting an end to the messy shop bad monkeying plague. Do those shop labors daily and we will have a monkey free semester.

Rudolf Kurz
Monkey Suitor
Etching on zinc
(8 3/4 x 8 inches)

Here is yet another new hero for you PrintFools...
Federico Castellón 
(September 14, 1914 – July 29, 1971)

The Alchemist.          
Federico Castellon
Etching, c.1965.        
Image size 18 7/8 x 14 1/2"

 The Alchemist is a little tribute to Alchemy Andrew who is slaving away in his MFA program and hopefully reading this.
Speaking of tributes.... some old and new PrintFool movies are ready to view: